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Taiwan Koxinga

Taiwan – Koxinga, the national hero of Taiwan

Tainan was for centuries the capital of Taiwan. 400 years ago, there was a change of dynasty in China. Koxinga, affiliated with the Mings, took refuge there with the idea of reconquering China. Ironically, the same situation would occur after World War II. H e is enthroned in the middle of the room, with two of his guards at his side. All around him is calm and silence. There is almost a heavy, almost heavy atmosphere here. And for good reason, there are no people in the temple, in this month of August and in the middle of the day. "The irony of Taiwan's history is that the situation that the island is currently experiencing is not a first. Tanguy Le Pesant, a French teacher and lecturer at National Central University in Jhongli, explains how Koxinga has become an important…

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