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Portfolio - Le parlement Hongrois

Hungary – Budapest: Pest from Buda

From the top of the Citadel, the two ancient cities of Buda and Pest join to form the capital of Hungary: Budapest. The crossroads of Central Europe, the heart of the country lies with the inhabitants of its capital. T he cars are in perfect alignment. One after the other, they move forward and stop continuously, always at the same imperturbable rhythm. In their wake, they leave a stream of light that runs along the entire length of the Erzsébet Bridge and rushes into the city, following the main arteries. The repetition of the movement gives a hypnotic effect and we could stay here for hours watching the heartbeat of the city of Budapest, its pulse. It is like entering the soul of a city, secretly, and being able to see the lives of the people there without them being…

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