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Indonésie - Le temple de Borobudur à Java

Indonesia – Sunrise over Borobudur

The legendary Buddhist temple of Borobudur and Mount Merapi on the island of Java are among the jewels of Indonesia. Even today, the Borobudur temple still fascinates locals and travellers alike, who do not hesitate to come and see the remains of a religion that has almost disappeared. A light wind is felt. It wanders quietly between the centuries-old stone sculptures, dances between the legs of the visitors before disappearing into the surrounding jungle in a muffled rustle. Only this murmur manages to disturb the tranquillity of the valley. For the moment, the jungle is still sleeping. After a short walk in total darkness, guided only by the powerful beam of our lamps, the first lights from the temple make their way through the thick wall of vegetation. It doesn't take much longer for the imposing stone edifice to stand…

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