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Japon - La Tokyo Tower vue depuis la Mori Tower

Japan – Meiji-Jingū temple and Mori Tower

Tokyo. In one of the world's largest cities, Meiji-Jingū Temple is a haven of tranquility. Religious ceremonies, weddings, prayers, Meiji-Jingū Temple is an opportunity to get away from the noise of Tokyo. G igantic, magnificent trees are towering high above us. Their shadows invade the small path and the sun hardly manages to find its way through the bushy branches. The bright green of their leaves is slowly giving way to a colour that is slightly yellow. Autumn is just beginning in the Japanese capital in this month of October. If you listen carefully, you can even hear the chirping of the birds in the forest and the whispering of the wind as it dances around the trees, making their leaves shake. Calm and serenity in all its simplicity. This natural scene may seem insignificant, if we were not in the heart…

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