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Plage sur les îles Perhentians

Malaysia – The paradise islands of Perhentian

Off the coast of the Malay Peninsula lies a string of islands called the Perhentian Islands. A small paradise on earth, the clear waters and white sand of the Perhentian Islands are the perfect place to learn to dive. The sound of small waves crashing on the white sandy beach at a constant pace, again and again. The sun that caresses every part of the body. The warm wind that sweeps over the skin, giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.  After a while, we wake up slowly from our sleep. We look to the left, the beach of fine sand, with coconut palms. Same idyllic spectacle on the right. Right in front is offered the panorama of a turquoise blue sea, that even the posters of the Clubmed (to quote only them) cannot compete. The only thing to do is…

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