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Le Colisée de Nuit

Italy – Visit the Colosseum in Rome

The magnificence of the Roman Colosseum sits proudly in the ancient capital of the Roman Empire. Who would come to Rome without visiting the most famous monument of the city, and the symbol of an entire empire. H e is in the middle of the arena. All around him, the crowd of more than fifty thousand people in delirium has eyes and ears only for the spectacle. Some cheered and encouraged him, others booed him and demanded his death. Creatures that have not been seen for a long time (or ever) in these lands - bears, elephants and lions - or more common - bulls and boars - face him. The gladiator's life is at stake, which unfortunately also depends on the emperor's mood. All over the arena the crowd is jubilant, the people of Rome are feasting and wine is…

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