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Slider - Le festival du feu de Kuruma

Japan – Kurama fire festival

The Kurama Fire Festival is probably one of the most important events in the Kyoto area. In early autumn, Kurama lights up with a thousand lights during this festival, which combines folklore, tradition and rites of passage. The wagons shake in fits and starts. The train continues on its way through the forest, illuminated by the rare rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds. The wind sweeps timidly through the tree tops. Some of them are beginning to dress for winter with carmine and amaranth red dyes. The sky is threatening and gives the sacred mountain of Kurama a striking contrast with the forest. The sight is soothing. The forest is a place of reverie, as in Miyasaki's famous films, and the tremors of the train are like a lullaby. It doesn't take long to get lost in your own dreams.…

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