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Taiwan - Jancing

Taiwan – Walk in Jancing

In the highlands of Taipingshan Mountain in northeastern Taiwan - near Yilan, the historic Jancing Trail is best known for its ancient railway ruins. The result of a long history of deforestation, the Jancing Trail used to connect the Taipingshan peaks with the nearest town for the transport of timber. A fresh mountain breeze is felt. Up there, it can't be more than 24 degrees. All around us, a whitish mass keeps stirring in all directions, bringing a few strands of coolness. At times it seeps through the trees, whistling through the leaves. The humidity is even more noticeable here, even if it is mistaken for a light rain. The clouds have descended from the sky to greet us at the entrance to the historic Jancing trail. At times we can only see about ten metres in front of us.…

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