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Chine - Le lac Shihu et la ville de Suzhou

China – Walk around Shihu Lake in Suzhou

The city of Suzhou is considered in China as the Venice of the East. Next to the city is the Shihu Lake, which has become a popular place for Chinese people in need of greenery. So much so that it is not uncommon to see future brides and grooms having their photo session on the banks of the lake. T he weather is heavy, almost suffocating. The humidity is omnipresent. The slightest movement requires extra effort due to the heat. Clothes stick, skin is clammy. The sun is nothing more than a yellowish, transparent, round ball. The pollution must have something to do with it. The clouds are beginning to conquer the sky. The fight between the sun and the clouds makes for a magnificent scene, for those who take the time to contemplate it. Storm, not storm? The sky…

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