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Japon - le Dôme de Genbaku à Hiroshima

Japan – Hiroshima, a journey through history

Hiroshima is infamous for being the first city to suffer the effects of nuclear weapons at the end of the Second World War. However, despite some of the scars still present, the city today has become a modern, peaceful and above all a haven for its inhabitants. A cloudless sky. Deep shadows contrasting with the reflections of the sun on the foliage of my garden. This is what I was contemplating that day, early in the morning. I lay on the terrace of the living room in my trousers and vest; I had been up all night in the hospital. Suddenly there is a flash, then another, and I remember - one always remembers silly things - that I wonder at the time whether it was magnesium lamp lightning or sparks from a trolleybus. Shadows and reflections, all gone. There…

Japon - Le Food Festival à Hiroshima

Japan – Hiroshima Food Festival

What better way to experience Hiroshima than to attend its Food Festival? All the best dishes of the region are on display. As well as traditional Japanese theatre. All this just a stone's throw from the famous Hiroshima Castle. A slightly salty smell wafts through the air. A familiar, delicious smell that makes your mouth water and awakens your senses. A smell of grilled food, fried fish, delicately simmered vegetables. No, in an instant, another gust of wind brings sweeter, more exotic connotations. A mixture of products from the land and the sea, no doubt. In the distance, above the tree tops, several columns of smoke dance with the wind and the dead leaves. The closer we get, the more the smells blend into a sweet perfume whose origin is difficult to understand. We who only wanted to see the…

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