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Japon - Le Torii de Miyajima

Japan – A walk in Miyajima

If there is one place that describes the spirit of Japan, its spirituality, its essence, it is undoubtedly the Torii of Ituskushima. A famous red wooden gateway over the sea, it is certainly no coincidence that the Torii is considered one of the three most beautiful sights in Japan. The boat glides quietly over the almost perfect surface. The clear blue sky merges at times with the Seto Sea. There are no clouds on the horizon, the sun is at its zenith. At the back of the boat, a little girl exclaims "Look at Daddy! "pointing with her outstretched arm to something on the horizon. The closer we get to Itsukushima Island*, the more the cameras crackle. All attention is now focused on him. At first a point of infinity, it gradually reveals itself until it becomes the main actor…

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