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Taiwan - Kinmen

Taiwan – Kinmen episode 1 – The Golden Gate

Discover the small island of Kinmen in Taiwan. The beauty of its villages and its traditional red-brick houses have become a major attraction on the island since it opened in the 90s. F rom up here, we can't see much. Endless expanses of blue dotted here and there with thick hills of white cotton. We're in the land where the sun is king, where the weather is almost always fine. After a while, we descend and enter one of the surrounding hills. The blue disappears. There's nothing around us to indicate where we are. All is white, without contrast. We float. Then we feel ourselves descending a little further, until we leave the hill behind, revealing an uneven, deep-blue surface. We emerge from the clouds and the sea appears. We see tiny black dots that grow larger the closer we…

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