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La Mosquée Nationale à Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia – National Mosque and Central Market

Malaysia is an important Muslim country in Southeast Asia and Sunni Islam is the state religion. The National Mosque in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur is an important place for all Malaysian Muslims and a delight of modernism and architecture for tourists. Pekeliling bus station, early afternoon. The bus finally arrives, the engine snoring and spitting out all the smoke possible. At the front of the bus, the small sign indicates a multitude of stops, including, in small, "Jerantut". We ask for confirmation to the cashier of the bus agency, who hides behind his counter, and returns us a positive nod. It is indeed the bus to the famous Taman Negara national park and its thousand-year-old forest, the next step of this trip in Malaysia, but without really knowing what awaits us when we arrive in the park. The religious…

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