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Japon - Au sommet d'Osaka

Japan – At the top of Osaka

The Umeda Tower in Osaka is a major attraction in Japan's third largest city. Rising up from the floor of the cows allows you to appreciate this gargantuan city, which stretches to the horizon. T he end of the day approaches. The perfect blue of the sky gradually gives way to a golden light that accentuates the warm colours of autumn even more. Since the beginning of this stay in Japan, the weather has been splendid with mild temperatures. And Osaka is no exception to this rule, for our pleasure. We all agree that autumn seems to be an ideal time to travel in Japan. The weather is, of course, the main attraction of this season. It is neither too cold nor too hot at this time of the year. Autumn is also a good time to attend many festivals…

Japon – Osaka entre deux Shinkansen

Japan – Osaka between two Shinkansen

A short visit to Osaka, Japan's second city. Stuck in the middle of the archipelago and often neglected in comparison with the cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto, Osaka has other assets, not the least of which is its reputation for having the best cuisine in Japan. A  whistle is heard. The security gates flash red and an alarm sounds. From the loudspeakers, a female voice intones an incomprehensible message. The hissing becomes a buzzing sound, then a dull roar. All around us, people rush through the security gates, goods lined up one behind the other and luggage in hand. The red lights continue to flash. The next moment, two points of light appear at the end of the platform, hiding a strange shape - long and elongated - in the darkness. As we reach our level, the singular and astonishing…

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