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1-Altitude à Singapour

Singapore – Marina Bay Sands and 1-Altittude

The Marina Bay Sands, its ship-like hotel and its infinity pool are known worldwide. The most famous hotel in Singapore is also an important cultural center where a multitude of events are organized every year.   O n the way back from the Garden By The Bay is the landmark of Singapore: the Marina Bay Sands, the famous boat balanced on three buildings. The swimming pool with its splendid view on Singapore is unfortunately reserved for the visitors of the hotel. In the afternoon, we decide to go to the shopping center at the foot of the building before going to the city center by subway. Hypnotized by the boats sailing in a reproduction of the famous canals of Venice - Asians love to reproduce European cities -, a Buddhist nun stares at us strangely and approaches us: "Come with…

Garden by the Bay à Singapour

Singapore – Arab Street and Garden by the Bay

A true melting pot and meeting point of several large ethnic and religious groups, Singapore can pride itself on being a multi-ethnic and forward-looking society. Arab Street is a perfect example of this, to the point where one would almost forget to be in the small city-state. T he cab drives at full speed, a little before sunset. Outside, the landscape passes by and the streetlights illuminate the cockpit with an almost hypnotic frequency. The taxi, driving on the left, weaves its way between beautiful German and Japanese cars as well as small vans filled with workers in the back, undoubtedly those left behind by the growth. One thing catches our attention as we get closer to the city center: it's clean. Maybe too much so. Everything is straight, in its place, without superfluous, well aligned. As if someone had…

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