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Chine - Le lac Shihu et la ville de Suzhou

China – Walk around Shihu Lake in Suzhou

The city of Suzhou is considered in China as the Venice of the East. Next to the city is the Shihu Lake, which has become a popular place for Chinese people in need of greenery. So much so that it is not uncommon to see future brides and grooms having their photo session on the banks of the lake. T he weather is heavy, almost suffocating. The humidity is omnipresent. The slightest movement requires extra effort due to the heat. Clothes stick, skin is clammy. The sun is nothing more than a yellowish, transparent, round ball. The pollution must have something to do with it. The clouds are beginning to conquer the sky. The fight between the sun and the clouds makes for a magnificent scene, for those who take the time to contemplate it. Storm, not storm? The sky…

Chine - Festival de Qingming à Suzhou

China – Qingming Festival in Suzhou

The Qingming Festival is an important festival in the Chinese calendar. Every year in early April, millions of people gather throughout China to pay tribute to the elders. S unday afternoon. A glance to the right, then to the left. Nothing can be done, the flow is incessant and all these people who make up this human river seem to go nowhere and everywhere at the same time. The gongs can be heard in the distance and the pleasant smell of incense begins to be perceptible, brought into the street by a small breeze. The small street opposite is quieter, but is inaccessible without passing through the crowded avenue. I try my luck anyway, and get carried away by the continuous flow. After five minutes, the pace seems to slow down as the crowd becomes more and more dense. We…

Chine - Suzhou SIP

China – A stroll through the Suzhou SIP

The SIP in Suzhou reflects the exuberant growth of China, a country considered to be one of the oldest civilizations still in existence. Six months to discover the Middle Kingdom, its multi-millennial culture and its people. I n the middle of a crossroads, nobody. In the distance, I see a person who doesn't seem to know where to go and an old lady who sweeps the huge avenue of the SIP with a broom made of dried grass and a vulgar piece of wood. Usually there are more employees, but the scorching heat of this Saturday afternoon probably got the better of the others. It is by looking at the hands of these workers that one understands their origins: they are mostly former peasants whose land has been despoiled by the government in order to build buildings, industries, highways and…

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