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China – Shanghai between sky and sea in Pudong

Discovering the Pudong district in Shanghai. In the space of a few years, these swamps have become China's economic showcase. The difference between the modern skyscrapers of Pudong and the 1930s buildings of the Bund is striking. T he clouds slowly start to creep into the darkness in the distance, while the sun is also declining on the horizon. In front of us are mountains of steel and glass, reflecting the last rays of daylight. Here and there, a few lights come on, proof of the diligence of some people for their work. The famous television tower, the Pearl of the Orient, wakes up and turns red, making its round shapes more voluptuous. At the foot of the incredible tower, a strange sight resembling an advertisement for a new brand of car attracts the crowd. The Pudong district prepares for…

Vue sur Pudong à Shanghai

China – The Bund by night in Shanghai

The Bund is the old district of the foreign concessions of Shanghai created in the last century by Europeans and Americans. Opposite, the contrast is striking with the district of Pudong, the economic window of China. A light breeze cools the heavy atmosphere at the end of the day. The sun is about to set, after a day of hard work. With its departure, the show will soon begin. The crowd has gathered on the quayside. Many foreigners, but the vast majority are Chinese. The flashes of the tourists' small cameras start to crackle, to their great pleasure. Smiles, amused gestures and group photographs. It's as if the world has come together for a moment to forget all its problems and have fun together. The boats are decked out in lights and floating quietly on the Hangpu River 黄浦江, literally…

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