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Suisse - Le plateau à la Jungfraujoch

Switzerland – At the top of Europe on the Jungfraujoch

The snow-covered peaks of the Jungfraujoch are one of the favourite attractions for tourists visiting Switzerland. Snow, wind, sun and mountains all combine to make this an unforgettable adventure. I t is cold. As soon as we step outside, the icy air starts to make itself felt. The wind rushes through every little opening in your clothes until it freezes your soul. A badly put on T-shirt is not forgivable. A few more minutes are enough to numb the fingers, which must be constantly warmed up by frantically clapping. Even the jeans start to stiffen under the gusts of wind and a thin white film forms on all the clothes. There is no escape up there. The gusts of wind blow the snow away until it completely covers the surrounding peaks. It's like being in the middle of a snowstorm.…

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